Thursday, February 20, 2014

Leather Weather

This outfit is one of those that I'd been dreaming about forever and I finally found all of the pieces to put it together. Two items - the dress and clutch - were from Warehouse. (Shopping tip - they have free shipping and returns so order two sizes of one item to make sure to find the perfect fit!) The final touch was my new hair - a highlight and cut from Robert Jeffrey. I am typically very picky about my hair, but this visit to the stylist left me feeling really happy with my new color. It didn't hurt that I had a blow out that lasted me all weekend. If you're looking for a stylist, I can definitely pass on a name!


P.S. Now I really can't wait for my DryBar appointment tomorrow for another sleek look to take me through another fun weekend! (Amanda already shared hers here.) 

Dress - Warehouse (similarsimilar) / Tight - Ann Taylor / Clutch - Warehouse (sold out)


  1. I love your new hait cut! And the outfit is spot on.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Anna. That's what a blowout will do for you!

  3. You are KILLIN' it in that dress, Jennie! Love the look - thanks for linking up with Midwest Bloggers! xx