Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Even though I'm more than ready to ditch this snowy, windy, frigid, miserable weather for warmer spring days, I'm still hoping to get a few more wears out of some of my favorite winter pieces. Like my beanie and fur collar, for example. I've said for ages that I'm a "hat person," but don't deliver on that promise nearly as often as I want to (my last hat look was one of my all time favorites though). But this blog has taught me to take more chances with my sartorial choices, even when I think I run the risk of looking like a burglar (does anyone else have that fear when trying to wear a beanie?). This look is definitely a little outside of the norm for me, but I am happy I added the fur and hat at the last minute. 

What winter pieces are you trying to get one last wear out of before warmer months hit?


Top - Gap / Blazer - Gap / Jeans - Old Navy Rockstar / Fur Collar - J. Crew Factory / Shoes - Shoemint / Clutch - Express / Hat - H&M / Sunglasses - Ray Ban / Bracelets - J. Crew, eBay / Nail Polish - Essie Ballet Slippers